Letting God Rule Your Curriculum

  Today, we are wrapping up Ten Days of Ruling Your Curriculum with a Homeschool Mom…who, like most of us…wears many hats.  Honey and her husband run a business out of their home, homeschool 5 children and have decided to let God Rule their Curriculum. When we first started homeschooling seven years ago, I had big dreams. I had all these amazing ideas of what I wanted my homeschool environment to be like. I knew what I wanted and I {Read More}

How to Put a Bad Curriculum in its Place

We have covered a lot of ground during this ten day series on Ruling Your Curriculum.  We have covered: health/learning problems, methods of teaching and learning…and how to teach your advanced children.  What about curriculum…that doesn’t fit…or that we might think is ‘bad’?  Today, Cindy gives some insight on handling that…so we can RULE our Curriculum! Have you ever dug into your newly acquired curriculum and been appalled to see something like this?: Start doing your project during month X {Read More}

Rule Your Curriculum With Wise Counsel

Welcome back for Day 8 of 10 Days of Ruling Your Curriculum.  Today, I have invited Theresa to share a more in depth view into the actual curriculum she utilizes in her home with her children!  I have enjoyed reading Theresa’s blog over the past two years…as she has grown more comfortable with truly creating a learning environment that is specific to her girls.  Sit back, enjoy….and if you missed any of the previous posts – no worries!  The links {Read More}