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Essential Oils and Good Nutrition are key ingredients for a healthy family. Over and over again, I heard this from friends I have all around the United States of America. However, I (honestly) did not believe it until I had a chance to try it.

During the latter part of the summer, my daughter and I had a horrible cold that lasted three weeks. When we were recovering from the cold, my oldest came down with the cold. Normally, I would not be worried about a cold, but this was special week for him. It was the week he was scheduled to spend a weekend away with Dad. Because I did not want anything to impact their weekend, I began using a diffuser with Thieves and I also applied it to his feet. I began this regiment on Wednesday, by Friday his cold was gone.

This child – is always my one child who will get a cold or the flu. So, when I saw how quickly he recovered from his cold, I was sold.

As I began researching more about the oils, I found that Frankincense was excellent for skin care as well as other medical and physical benefits. That lead me to begin using it in my coconut oil for my facial and body moisturizer.

Skin Care with Essential Oils

All in all, our family is experiencing many benefits from our oils and I know your family will, too. I would love to share information with you about essential oils and experience a life without illness or the small things like headaches that can drain the joy out of a beautiful life.

If you are interested in ordering from me, please go to the Young Living oil website: and select member sign up (no, you do not have to sell the products). At this point, if you do not wish to sell the products, you may select Young Living Retail Customer. After that step, you enter my distributor number: 1507681. Now, you will begin entering your shipping information and identifying your products.

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Disclaimer: I am not a Dr – these are not statements approved by the FDA. All information is based on my opinion and personal experience. I am not suggesting anyone should use these to treat, cure or heal you of any disease or illness.

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