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Free Bible Lessons

I am so excited about this page. My dream is to equip every family with fantastic material that will help them grow disciples in their homes, who can then go out and make disciples of all nations!

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  1. I am a storyteller. All of my easy, FREE Bible lessons for kids have objectives, but I tell the story. Sometimes I have props, but most of the time I just have the Bible. I am finding that children want “real truth.” They are hungry for it. They don’t need a lot of fancy bells, whistles, and lights. Simplicity is just fine. But the main Truth I try to emphasize during each lesson is that ALL of these “stories” and not really “stories” like fairy tales. They are historical narratives that REALLY happened to REAL people, just like them. And if God used the messed up people from the old days, then He will use any and all of us to spread His glory.

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