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The Homeschool Mother's Journal: A New School Year
The Homeschool Mother's Journal: A New School Year
Price: $2.99

The Homeschool Mother’s Prayer Journal has been created to help Moms spend a few minutes in God’s word – reading, praying, writing and seeking His will for their lives.

This journal is not meant to be an answer to your prayers, but a way to remind you to pray. There will be days when you don’t think prayer is necessary because things are going well. Then, there will be days when things seem so horrible, that even bending to pray is too difficult. But, it is necessary regardless of what is happening (or not happening) in your life.”

The Homeschool Mother's Prayer Journal A New School Year

This eBook (with forward written by Rachael Carman) includes journal pages and scripture focusing on: Family, Schedules, Curriculum, Fear and Doubt, Depression, Anger and Praise.  In addition to the journal pages, I have also included some activities to help you identify ways you can increase your family’s focus on God and implement His will for your family.  This journal can be used by the entire family to grow you closer, as a family to our Heavenly Father.

Each section will help address the issues every Homeschool Mom faces (as explained above), while pointing every Mom to the Bible using an acrostic I created using: PRAY – Pray, Read/wRite, Ask and You ™

P-Pray: Pray for God to open your heart to the message He has for you.

R-Read/wRite: Please read all of the chapter that the scripture is included in. This will help you gain proper perspective of the text. Then,wRite down the scripture (I have included the scripture in each section and at the end of the journal. I have also included pages without scripture so you can use your journaling pages for other verses)

A- Ask: Ask God for complete clarity regarding the scripture. Write down the message of the scripture.

Y-You: Now, write down how you are going to apply about this scripture to YOUR life.

It’s available for purchase – $2.99.  I pray it blesses you and brings peace and a desire to dig deeper into the Word that our Father gave us to learn more about Him.

Special thanks to Amanda from The Pelsers for helping me with the technical side and to Lisa from For Love Of Words for being a very patient editor!

Recommended by:

Rachael Carman Apologia and Real Refreshment (author and speaker): “I have the great joy and delight to commend to you this prayer journal. I believe you will find it to be a wonderful resource, whether you’re about to take your first steps on the homeschool journey or you’ve been traveling this road for many years…..” (quote from the forward of the Homeschool Mother’s Prayer Journal)

Leslie Nunnery - Teach Them Diligently Conference “Slow down, homeschool Mama! Let your heart be still and focus on what is most needful in your life. Rebecca Brandt has written a wonderful book that is certain to calm your heart and refocus your thoughts on what’s really important. With short but very pertinent passages of scripture to study and meditate on each morning, you will find no excuse for missing your quiet time alone with God. God is certain to use this resource greatly in your life, as He has in mine. I cannot recommend it highly enough.”

Cindy - Get Along Home ”“I love this prayer journal! Rebecca knows exactly what is on the heart of a homeschooling mom at the beginning of a new (or not-so-new) year, and knows just how to address them–through prayer and relevant Bible study.”

Karen Bible Based Homeschooling - “Rebecca from Mom’s Mustard Seeds is the real deal. Her heart is true and authentic and her love for the Lord shines through in her writing. I have been blessed abundantly by her words many times”

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  1. Hi, Is there some way I can order more then one of your homeschool prayer journals?? I would love to order some for my sisters and myself. Thanks!

    • Cathy, right now, no. However, my friend Amanda, who helps me with my technical side on my blog is going to update the cart so you can do that. I will let you know as soon as it is available. Thank you for wanting to purchase multiple copies rather than purchasing one and sharing. That is a blessing to me.

    • Cathy, it has been updated to purchase more than one. Thank you again, Rebecca

  2. How many pages is it?

  3. Is there anyway I can have this printed and spiral bound? Do I need some sort of permission form from you? Thanks!

    • Holli,

      Yes, you most definitely may print and place in a binder or have it spiral bound for your personal use in your home. I printed my copy and keep it in my planner. I have my children’s daily copy on their clip boards and they put them in their Bible notebook (binder) once they have completed them. I pray this blesses you!

  4. Thank you for this Rebecca! I often feel like you’re reading my mind when I read your posts. :) This topic has been very much on my heart for several months and I loved the verses you shared in the full version of the post – verses I live by right now! The prayer journal is a wonderful resource, I am so glad you put it together for all of us moms who needed it!

    BTW I’m featuring you in my Hearts for Home roundup this week. :)

  5. Thank you for this! I just found this through the “How To Homeschool My Child” site! I’m am looking forward to it and I am sure it will bless my teachings with my children.

    God bless.

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