Does Your Family Struggle with Chores

The Blessings of Chores Journals Will Help End Those Struggle

Work and Chores are good for teenagers.  This Journal will empower parents with truth about the blessings of chores (and work)

In all honesty, every family struggles with chores. As children grow into teens this can become a problem because of the extra activities and the wear/tear on Mom and Dad. It doesn't have to be that way. And if you have teens who have never helped with chores, don't fear. You can take small steps that lead to big changes.

The first changes need to begin in the heart. So, let these journals help you with that. I've provided you with simple ways to read God's word and help your teen(s) learn the beauty of work.

These simple and easy-to-read journals will empower you to change your home into one that is filled with people who know the truth about work. 

The journals can be purchased separately or together.


In this Ebook You Will Discover...

  • What the Bible Says

    Apply Biblical truth and understanding to grow hearts that want to serve others

  • Family and Individual Quiet Time

    These simple journals will provide a great way for your family to study together or individually.

  • Equip You to create your own chore list

    God gave you everything you need to equip your children. These journals will help you create the best way to complete chores in your own home.

The Blessing of Chores Parents Journal
The Blessing of Chores Parents Journal

The Blessings of Chores Teen Journal
The Blessings of Chores Teen Journal

The Blessings of Chores for Parents and Teens Bundle
The Blessings of Chores for Parents and Teens Bundle

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As a homeschool mom of 4, I know we all need a little encouragement when it comes to teens and chores. Rebecca does it so beautifully by getting to the heart of the matter. Equip your teen and encourage your own heart with these journals. It's sure to change your home and truly help you see chores as a blessing!

Kim Sorgius
Kim Sorgius

Rebecca always brings a balance of sweet encouragement and biblical wisdom to her writing. "The Blessings of Chores" goes a step further, challenging readers to seek God's perspective on work and to communicate that meaningfully to their family members. As a busy working homeschool mom, I find this an invaluable tool to start this important conversations with my own teens.

Lea Ann Garfias
Lea Ann Garfias Author of "Rocking Ordinary"